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“Optimization Consulting helped our organization take a holistic view of how to successfully integrate Lean thinking and application. They also provide a wealth of experiences from various industries and applied "out of box" thinking to our own opportunities. Their approach to coaching and development engaged our workforce and opened our eyes to outcomes that could be achieved through lean thinking. I would highly recommend them.
Marvin Boayke - Director, Organizational Development - Pulte Homes Inc.

“Optimization Consulting has helped us develop a Lean / Continuous Improvement Program from the ground up, in an economically challenging and decentralized environment. They have provided strategic and tactical support that is not just focused on an introduction of a toolset, but on building a culture that will be so important to our sustained success. They have proven to be a great fit for the culture we have at Pulte.
Chase Kushak - National Director of Supply Chain and Continuous Improvement - Pulte Homes Inc.

“Optimization Consulting offers a hands-on, methodical approach to Lean implementations. Their emphasis on communication with every employee throughout the process helps break down the cultural barriers that often arise with change. OC provided guidance and direction to our team yet required us to take ownership of the process from the beginning. He challenged us to strive to attain World Class levels of performance that we did not envision possible when starting the journey. I look forward to having a continued partnership with Doug and Optimization Consulting in the future.”
Jill Nowak - Lean/Six Sigma Champion - Viracon

“With the lean manufacturing methdology OC brought to the table,  our operations team was literally taught  'how to see'.   Our traditional manufacturing processes and push / forecasted scheduling methods kept our workforce very busy - but working on the wrong things!    The OC methodolgoy taught us to re-think the way we brought value to our customers and allowed us to develop creative ways to deploy the right resources, at the right time.  This freed up capacity for growth, reduced our inventory levels and lead times. "  
John Mathis – Operations Manager - Flexaust

"Optimization Consulting strives at changing the culture to ownership and empowerment! OC's experience allowed them to develop an implementation strategy focused on the transformation of our manufacturing company into "World Class" using proven lean manufacturing tools and techniques.“
Nate Soukup – V.P. Operations – Tru-Vue

“Optimization Conuslting took a very hands on approach of leaning out the operation at Curvlite.  OC takes the opportunity to get the whole value stream engaged in the process of reducing waste.  This process enabled Viracon/Curvlite to competitively reduce batch sizes to better service our customer needs.”
John Fondell – Director of Operations - Curvlite
"I was very impressed with the overall integration of change management and lean manufacturing that Optimization Consulting delivered during our Focused Factory implementation. OC had a true understanding of our customer needs, business needs, and employees' needs. Doug Atkin became a trusted team member and provided an excellent personal touch to our implementation by involving all levels of our organization.“
Brenda DeVinny - Director of Human Resources – Tru-Vue

“Doug Atkin was able to provide a clear focus for our journey to lean. Not only is Doug able to provide his experience in teaching lean, he is able to teach leaders the critical process for continuous improvement. To be successful with Doug, you must be committed to change from the top of the company. We will implement the lean principles throughout our company as a result of our positive experience. Thank you OC!”
Kim Gilpin - President - G&T Indusries

"Lean Manufacturing through Optimization Consulting has been an eye opener for our company. We knew we had some waste in our organization, but we didn't know how much (and in some cases where it was). Lean manufacturing is a long journey and Optimization Consulting holds the map. In short Lean allowed us to map out our current organization and construct a much more efficient customer value focused organization".
Adam Beuker – Operations Manager - Motan Inc.

“Motan Inc. is in the home stretch of its lean initiative. Doug Atkin's unique approach to consultancy, coupled with a wealth of positive experience, was exactly what we needed to guide our team away from its traditional approach to the business.”
Mark McKibbin - Vice President - Motan Inc.

“Optimization Consulting helped Viking to reduce manufacturing lead times by 50%, and increase production by more than 100%, for a fabricate to order product line. This was done with no increase in square footage for the workcenter and less than a 50% increase in manning. It was accomplished by establishing and coaching a work cell improvement team composed of operators and line management, utilizing workflow management and pull system techniques. We are very satisfied."
Bill Maddox - President - Viking Corporation

“The Lean tool sets are not necessarily new, but what Optimization Consulting brings is the persistent methodology that drives the team to success.  We saw a 30% reduction in our maintenance shutdowns in only six months with only a few basic tools. OC had a plan with realistic goals, and then taught the team how to implement and drive the process.  The biggest impact was OC teaching us that before we could move, on we needed to prove that we had maintained the changes we made.  This is the key to not slipping back to our old habits after the projects are complete.” 
Ian Benore – Technical Director – Caraustar Inc.